liṅgaviśiṣṭagrahaṇa लिङ्गविशिष्टग्रहण

Definition: inclusion of the feminine form of a word when a word in the masculine gender is used in a rule, for certain operations such as the application of affixes and the like;cf. the usual dictum regarding this practice viz. the Paribhāșā प्रातिपदिकग्रहणे लिङ्गविशिष्टस्यापि ग्रहणम् Par. Śek. Pari. 71. as also M. Bh. on P. IV. 1. 1 Vārt. 5 to Vārt, 15 for places of the application of the dictum and those of its rejection.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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