lalāma ललाम

Definition: ललाम a. (-मी f.) 1 Beautiful, lovely, charming. -2 Having a mark on the forehead marked with a blaze. -मम् 1 An ornament for the forehead, an ornament or decoration in general; (m. also in this sense); सद्यः पुनाति सहचन्द्रललामलोकान् Bhāg.3.16.9; अहं तु तामाश्रमललाम- भूतां शकुन्तलामधिकृत्य ब्रवीमि Ś.2; Śi.4.28. -2 Anything the best of its kind. -3 A mark on the forehead. -4 A sign, symbol, mark in general. -5 A banner, flag. -6 A row, series, line. -7 A tail. -8 A mane. -9Eminence, dignity, beauty. -1 A horn. -मः A horse; Mb.7.23.13 (com. 'श्वेतं ललाटमध्यस्थं तारारूपं हयस्य यत्। ललामं चापि तत्प्राहुर्ललामाश्वस्तदन्वितः ॥').

Dictionary: Apte
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