l ल्

Definition: a consonant of the dental class which is a semi-vowel (यण्) with liquid contact in the mouth, and which is inaspirate (अल्पप्राण),voiced (घोष) and both nasalised and unnasalised; (2) name in general (लकार) given to the personal endings applied to roots in the ten tenses and moods which take different substitutes ति, त:, अन्ति etc. and have various modifications and augments in the different tenses and moods; (3) substituted as a semi-vowel (यण्) for the vowel ऌ followed by any other vowel in the euphonic combinations; (4)applied at the beginning of nontaddhita affixes as a mute letter indicating the acute accent for the vowel preceding the affix; cf. लिति; P. VI. 1.193; (5) substituted for त्, थ्, द्, घ् or न् before ल्, cf. P.VIII.4. 60; (6) substituted under certain conditions for the consonant र् (a) of the root कृप्, (b) of prefixes प्र and परा before the root अय्, (c) of the root गॄ in frequentative forms and optionally before affixes beginning with a vowel, and (d) of the word परि before घ and अङ्क; cf. P. VIII. 2. 18 to 22. _ ल (1) consonant ल्; see ल् above' (2) a general term usually used by ancient grammarians to signifyलोप (elision or disappearance) of a letter or a syllable or a word; cf. सर्वसादेर्द्विगोश्च ल: | सवार्तिक:, द्वितन्त्र: M. Bh. on P.IV.2.60; (3) tad. affix ल added to the word क्लिन्न when चिल् and पिल् are substituted for the word क्लिन्न; e.g, चिल्लः, पिल्ल: cf. P. V. 2.33 Vārt 2.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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