kuṇḍalin कुण्डलिन्

Definition: कुण्डलिन् (-नी f.) 1 Decorated with ear-rings. -2 Circular, spiral. -3 Winding, coiling (as aserpent). -m. 1 A snake. वामाङ्गीकृतवामाङ्गि कुण्डलीकृतकुण्डलि Udb. -2 A peacock. -3 An epithet of Varuṇa, and of Śiva. -4 The spotted or painted deer. -5 The golden mountain; काञ्चनाद्रौ सर्पे पुंसि तु कुण्डली Nm. -नी A form of Durgā or Śakti. -2 Name of a नाडी in Yoga.कुण्डली kuṇḍalī कुण्डलिका kuṇḍalikāकुण्डली कुण्डलिका A kind of sweetmeat (Mar. जिलेबी.)

Dictionary: Apte
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