krand क्रन्द्

Definition: cl.1 P. A1. kr/andati-, krandate- (varia lectio kradate-fr. krad- ; subjunctive kr/andat-; imperfect tense krandat-and /akrandat-; Aorist 2. sg. kradas-, cakradas-,and /akrān-,3. sg. akrān-and /akrān-; akrandīt- ; parasmE-pada kr/andat-), to neigh (as a horse), roar (metaphorically applied to the clouds and to wind and water) ; to creak (as a wheel) ; to sound, make a noise ; to cry piteously, weep, lament, grieve, be confused with sorrow etc. ; to call out piteously to any one (accusative) (perf. cakranda-) : Causal krandayati- (Aorist /acikradat-,3. plural dan-), to cause to roar ; to cause to weep or lament ; to roar, rave ; to neigh after (accusative) : Intensive P. k/anikrantti- (A1. ntte- ; parasmE-pada k/anikradat-,once k/anikrat- ; parasmE-pada A1. kanikrady/amana- ) , to neigh, roar, rave, cry out ; to creak, crackle ; ([ confer, compare Gothic gre1ta,"to lament."])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup., Pa1n2. 7-4 , 65, Ka1s3., RV., VS., S3Br. vi, S3Br. xi, Ratna7v., RV. x , 95 , 13, MBh., Katha1s., Ma1rkP., RV., VS., AV., Sus3r., RV., VS., AV., RV. ix , 67 , 4 and x , 96 , 10, AdbhBr., RV. ix , 63 , 20, S3Br. vi, RV., AV., RV.
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