kovidāraḥ कोविदारः

Definition: कोविदारः रम् Name of a tree; चित्तं विदारयति कस्य न कोविदारः Ṛs.3.6; U.5.1.कोशः, -शम् (षः, -षम्) [कुश् (ष्) आधारादौ घञ् कर्तरि अच् वा Tv.] 1 A vessel for holding liquids, a pail. -2 A bucket, cup. -3 A vessel in general. -4 A box, cupboard, drawer, trunk; Rv.6.47.23; स एष कोशो वसुधानस्तस्मिन्विश्वमिदं श्रितम् Ch. Up.3.15.1. -5 A sheath, scabbard; Ki.17.45. -6 A case, cover, covering. -7 A store, mass; ईश्वरः सर्वभूतानां धर्मकोशस्य गुप्तये Ms.1.99. -8 A store-room. -9 A treasury, an apartment where money is kept; Ms.8.419. -1 Treasure, money, wealth; निःशेषविश्राणितकोषजातम् R.5.1; (fig. also); कोशस्तपसः K.45; कोशपूर्वाः सर्वारम्भाः Kau. A.2.8. -11 Gold or silver wrought or unwrought. -12 A dictionary, lexicon, vocabulary. -13 A closed flower, bud; सुजातयोःपङ्कजकोशयोः श्रियम् R.3.8,13.29; इत्थं विचिन्तयति कोशगते द्विरेफे हा हन्त हन्त नलिनीं गज उज्जहार Subhāṣ. -14 The stone of a fruit. -15 A pod. -16 A nut-meg, nut-shell. -17 The cocoon of a silk-worm; निजलालासमायोगात्कोशं वा कोश- कारकः Y.3.147. -18 Vulva, the womb. -19 An egg. -2 A testicle or the scrotum. -21 The penis. -22 A ball, globe. -23 (In Vedānta phil.) A term for the five (अन्न, प्राण, मनः, विज्ञान, आनन्द) vestures (sheaths or cases) which successively make the body, enshrining the soul. -24 (In law) A kind of ordeal; the defendant drinks thrice of the water after some idol has been washed in it; cf. Y.2.112. -25 A house. -26 A cloud. -27 The interior of a carriage. -28 A kind of bandage or ligature (in surgery). -29 An oath; कोशं चक्रतु- रन्योन्यं सखङ्गौ नृपडामरौ Rāj. T.2.326. -3 The pericarp of a lotus. -31 A piece of meat. -32 A cup used in the ratification of a treaty of peace; देवी कोशमपाययत् Rāj. T.7.8,75,459,492. -शी (-षी) 1 A bud. -2 A seed-vessel. -3 The beard of corn. -4 A shoe, sandal (पादुका). -Comp. -अधिपतिः, -अध्यक्षः a treasure, paymaster; (cf. the modern 'minister of finance'). -2 an epithet of Kubera. -अगारः, -रम् a treasurer, store-room. -कारः 1 one who makes scabbards. -2 a lexicographer. -3 the silk-worm while in the cocoon; भूमिं च कोशकाराणाम् Rām.4.4.23. -4 a chrysalis. -5 sugar-cane. -कारकः a silk-worm. Y.3.147. -कृत् m. a kind of sugar-cane. -गृहम् a treasury, store-room; R.5.29. -ग्रहणम् undergoing an ordeal. -चञ्चुः the (Indian) crane. -नायकः, -पालः 1 a treasurer. -2 An epithet of Kubera. -पेटकः, -कम् a chest in which treasure is kept, coffer. -फलम् 1 a kind of perfume. -2 a nutmeg. -वारि water used at an ordeal; Ks.119.35,42. -वासिन् m. an animal living in a shell, a chrysalis. -वृद्धिः f. 1 increase of treasure. -2 enlargement of the scrotum. -वेश्मन् n. a treasury; भाण्डं च स्थापयामास तदीये कोषवेश्मनि Ks.24.133. -शायिका a clasped knife, knife lying in a sheath. -शुद्धिः f. purification by ordeal. -स्कृ m. a silk-worm; त्यजेत कोशस्कृदिवेहमानः Bhāg.7.6.13. -स्थ a. incased, sheathed. (-स्थः) an animal living in a shell (as a snail). -हीन a. deprived of riches, poor.

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