ki कि

Definition: kṛt affix इ prescribed after धु roots with a prefix attached;e.g.प्रदिः प्रधिः cf. P.III.3.92, 93; (2) kṛt affix इ looked upon as a perfect termination and, hence, causing reduplication and accusative case of the noun connected, found in Vedic Literature added to roots ending in अा, the root ऋ, and the roots गम्, हन् and जन्; e.g. पपि; सोमं, जगुरिः, जग्मिः etc., cf. P. III.2.171: (2) a term used in the Jainendra Vyākaraṇa for the term संबुद्वि.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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