kheṭa खेट

Definition: खेट a. [खे अटति, अट्-अच्; खिट्-अच् वा] Having a weapon, armed. -टः 1 A village, small town or hamlet; Bhāg.1.6.11. -2 Phlegm. -3 The club of Balarāma. -4 A horse. -टः, -टम् 1 Hunting, chase. -2 A shield. -टम् 1 Grass. -2 Hide, skin. (N. B.:- At the end of comp. खेट expresses 'defectiveness' or 'deterioration', & may be rendered by 'miserable', 'low', 'vile', 'wretched' &c.; नागरखेटम् a miserable town.) -3 A village; नगराद्योजनं खेटं खेटाद् ग्रामो$र्धयोजनम् (ब्रह्मानंद पु. Part I, II अनुषंगपाद Ch.7.V.III.); खेटानि धूलिप्राकारोपेतानि । (प्रश्नव्याकरणसूत्रव्याख्याने). -4 A village of cultivators; Rājadharmakaustubha, G. O. S. 72, P.12. -5 A village two miles long; Bibliotheca Indica 274, Fase. I. p.145.

Dictionary: Apte
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