kaustubhaḥ कौस्तुभः

Definition: कौस्तुभः [कुस्तुभो जलधिस्तत्र भवः अण्] 1 Name of a celebrated gem obtained with 13 other jewels at the churning of the ocean and worn by Viṣṇu on his breast; सकौस्तुभं ह्रेपयतीव कृष्णम् R.6.49;1.1. -2 A kind of oil. -3 A manner of joining the fingers. -4 A twist of hair on a horse's neck; कौस्तुभः स्याद्देवमणौ कण्ठा- वर्ते$पि वाजिनाम् Nm. -Comp. -लक्षणः, -वक्षस् m. -हृदयः epithets of Viṣṇu.

Dictionary: Apte
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