katham कथम्

Definition: ad. how? whence? why? with pot. or impv. (sts. ind.) how could, would, or should ? with mâ and aor. how should not --? sts. exclamation, what! sts. weakened to a simple interrogative=nonne or num? with nú, how, I wonder? how much more? with neg. how much less? with iva, how so? why pray? with nâma, svid, how pray? why I wonder? with kana, by no means: generally strengthened by preceding negative; with kid and api (not till Kâlidâsa) indef. in some way, by some means, somehow or other, by accident; with difficulty, only just, scarcely (katham often repeated); a. little, somewhat;with neg. in no manner, by no means; yathâ katham kid, in whatever manner; in any way.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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