katham कथम्

Definition: ind. (fr. 2. ka-), how? in what manner? whence? (exempli gratia, 'for example' katham etat-,how is that? katham idānīm-,how now? what is now to be done? katham mārātmake tvayi viśvāsaḥ-,how can there be reliance on thee of murderous mind? katham utsṛjya tvāṃ gaccheyam-,how can I go away deserting you? katham buddhvā bhaviṣyati sā-,how will she be when she awakes? katham mṛtyuḥ-, prabhavati vedavidām-,whence is it that death has power over those that know the veda-? katham avagamyate-,whence is it inferred?)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
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