karatala करतल

Definition: n. palm of the hand: -ga ta, pp. held in the hand, -tâla, clapping of the hands; -da, a. paying taxes, tributary; subordinate; -dhrita-sara, a. holding an arrow in his hand; -pattra, n. saw; -pallava, m. finger; -pâda-danta, m. hand, foot, or tooth; -pâla, m. receiver-general of taxes; -putî, f. hollowed hand; -prâpta, pp. held in the hand; -badara, n. jujube berry in the hand=perfectly obvious matter; -bha, m.elephant's trunk; camel; young elephant or camel; hand between wrist and fingers: -ka, m. Name of a messenger; -bhûshana, n. bracelet; -bha½urû, a. f. having thighs like an elephant's trunk.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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