karaṭaḥ करटः

Definition: करटः [किरति मदं, कॄ-अटन् Uṇ.4.81.] 1 An elephant's cheek; प्रभिन्नकरटौ मत्तौ भूत्वा कुञ्जररूपिणौ Mb.1.21.2. -2 Safflower. -3 A crow; Śānti.4.19. -4 An atheist, unbeliever. -5 A degraded Brāhmaṇa. -6 A man of a low profession. -7 A musical instrument. -8 The first Śrāddha ceremony performed in honour of a dead man; करट त्वं रट कस्तवापराधः Udb. -टम् Hard. (a variety of coral); Kau. A.2.11. -टा 1 An elephant's cheek. -2 A cow difficult to be milked. -मुखम् A spot where an elephant's temple bursts; Mb.

Dictionary: Apte
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