kapila कपिल

Definition: कपिल a. [कपि-लच्] 1 Tawny, reddish; वाताय कपिला विद्युत् Mbh. on P.II.3.13. -2 Having tawny hairs; नोद्वेहेत्कपिलां कन्याम् Ms.3.8. (Kull. = कपिलकेशा). -लः 1 Name of a great sage. [He reduced to ashes 6 sons of Sagara, who while searching for the sacrificial horse of their father taken away by Indra, fell in with him and accused him of having stolen it (see U.1.23.). He is also said to have been the founder of the Sāṅkhya system of philosophy.] ऋषि प्रसूतं कपिलं यस्तमग्रे ज्ञानैर्बिभर्ति Śāṅk Bhāṣ. on Bād. Sūtras 2.1; सिद्धानां कपिलो मुनिः Bg.1.26. -2 A dog. -3 Benzoin. -4 Incense. -5 A form or fire. -6 The tawny colour. -7 Impure benzoin. -8 Name of the sun. -9 Name of a country. -1 One of the incarnation of Viṣṇu. -ला 1 A brown cow; कपिला चेत्तारयति भूयश्चासप्तमं कुलम् Y.1.25. -2 A kind of perfume. -3 A kind of timber. -4 The common leech. -5 Name of the female elephant of the south east. -Comp. -अक्षी a kind of deer. -अञ्जनः Name of Śiva. -अश्वः an epithet of Indra. -आचार्यः Viṣṇu. -द्युतिः the sun. -द्राक्षा A vine with brown grapes. -द्रुमः A kind of perfume. -धारा Name of the Ganges. -2 A holy place. -वस्तु Name of the town in which Buddha was born. (कपिला) षष्ठी The sixth day in the dark half of भाद्रपद. -संहिता Name of an Upa-purāṇa. -स्मृतिः f. Sāṅkhya Sūtras of Kapila.

Dictionary: Apte
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