kanyā कन्या

Definition: कन्या [Uṇ.4.111] 1 An unmarried girl or daughter; R.,3.33; Ms.1.8. -2 A girl ten years old. -3 A virgin, maiden; Ms.8.367,3.33. -4 A woman in general. -5 The sixth sign of the zodiac, i. e. Virgo. -6 Name of Durgā; Mb.3. -7 Large cardamoms. -Comp. -अन्तःपुरम् the women's apartments; सुरक्षिते$पि कन्यान्तःपुरे कश्चित्प्रविशति Pt.1; Mv.2.5. -आट a. following after or hunting young girls. (-टः) 1 the inner apartments of a house. -2 a man who hunts or goes after young girls. -कुब्जः Name of a country. (-ब्जम्) Name of an ancient city in the north of India, situated on a tributary of the Ganges, now called Kanoja. -कुमारि f., -री also कन्यकुमारी Name of Durgā; कन्यकुमारि धीमहि Mahānār 3.12. -गतम् the position of a planet in the sign Virgo. -ग्रहणम् taking a girl in marriage. -दानम् giving away a girl in marriage; अद्भिरेव द्विजाग्ऱ्याणां कन्यादानं विशिष्यते Ms.3.35. -दूषकः The violator of a virgin; Ms.3.164. -दूषणम् defilement of a virgin. -दोषः a defect or blemish in a l, bad repute (such as a disease &c.) -धनम् dowry; a girl's property. -पतिः 'daughter's husband', a son-in-law. -पालः a dealer in slave girls. -पुत्रः, -गर्भः the son of an unmarried daughter (called कानीन); संघर्ष- जननस्तस्मात्कन्यागर्भो विनिर्मितः Mb.12.2.4. -पुरम् the women's apartments. -प्रदानम् Giving a daughter in marriage; Ms.3.29-31. -भर्तृ -m. 1. a son-in-law. -2 N. f Kārttikeya. -भैक्ष्यम् Begging for a girl; Mb. -रत्नम् a very fine girl; कन्यारत्नमयोनिजन्म भवतामास्ते Mv.1.3. -राशिः the sign Virgo. -वेदिन् -m. a son-in-law (marrying one's girl); Y.1.262. -व्रतस्था A woman in her monthly state; मयि कन्याव्रतस्थायां जमुर्मन्दा- किनीतटम् Ks.26.56. -शुल्कम् money given to the bride's father as her price, purchase-money of a girl. -समुद्भव a. Born from an unmarried woman; Ms.9.172. -स्वयंवरः the choice of a husband by a maiden. -हरणम् ravishment or seduction of a maiden; प्रसह्य कन्याहरणं राक्षसो विधिरुच्यते Ms.3.33.

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