kalpanam कल्पनम्

Definition: कल्पनम् [क्लृप्-ल्युट्] 1 Forming, fashioning, arranging. -2 Performing, doing, effecting. -3 Clipping, cutting. -4 Fixing. -5 Anything placed upon another for decoration. -ना 1 Fixing, settlement; अनेकपितृकाणां तु पितृतो भागकल्पना Y.2.12;247; Ms.9.116. -2 Making, performing, doing. -3 Forming, arranging; विषमासु च कल्पनासु Mk.3.14; केश˚ Mk.4. -4 Decorating, ornamenting. -5 Composition. -6 Invention. -7 Imagination, thought; कल्पनापोढः Sk. P.II.1.38 = कल्पनाया अपोढः. -8 An idea, fancy or image (conceived in the mind); Śānti.2.8. -9 Fabrication. -1 Forgery. -11 A contrivance, device. -12 (In Mīm. phil.) = अर्थापत्ति q. v. -13 Decorating an elephant. -Comp. -शक्तिः f. the power of forming ideas; MW.

Dictionary: Apte
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