kaṅkaḥ कङ्कः

Definition: कङ्कः 1 A heron; Mb.11.16.7. -2 A variety of mango. -3 Name of Yama. -4 A Kṣatriya. -5 A Vṛiṣṇi. -6 A false or pretended Brāhmaṇa. -7 Name assumed by Yudhiṣṭhira in the palace of Virāṭa. -8 One of the 18 divisions of the continent. -9 Name of a people (pl.); cf. कङ्कस्तरङ्गे गुप्ते च गृध्ने काके युधिष्ठिरे । कूले मधुरिपौ कोके पिके वैवस्वते$प्यथ ॥ Nm. -ङ्का 1 A sort of sandal. -2 Scent of the lotus. -Comp. -त्रोटः, -टिः a kind of fish. -पत्र a. furnished with the feathers of a heron. (-त्रः) an arrow furnished with a heron's feathers; नखप्रभाभूषितकङ्कपत्रे R.2.31; U.4.2; Mv.1.18. (-त्रम्) a heron's feather fixed on an arrow. -पत्रिन् m. = कङ्कपत्रः. -माला 1 a kind of musical instrument. -2 beating time by the clapping of hands. -मुख, -वदन a. shaped like a heron's mouth. (-खः, -खम्), -वदनम् a pair of tongs; शल्यानि व्यपनीयकङ्कवदनैरुन्मोचिते कङ्कटे Ve.5.1. -वासस् m. An arrow (कङ्कपत्र); असंपातं करिष्यन्ति पतन्तः कङ्कवाससः Rām.5.21.26. -शायः a dog (sleeping like a heron).

Dictionary: Apte
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