kīcakaḥ कीचकः

Definition: कीचकः [Uṇ.5.56] 1 A hollow bamboo. -2 A bamboo rattling or whistling in the wind; शब्दायन्ते मधुरमनिलैः कीचकाः पूर्यमाणाः Me.58; R.2.12;4.73; Ku.1. 8. -3 Name of a people. -4 Name of the commander-in-chief of king Virāṭa; कीचकानां वधः पर्व Mb.1.2.58. (While Draupdī in the guise of Sairandhrī was residing at the court of king Virāṭa with her five husbands also disguised, Kīchaka once happened to see her, and her beauty stirred up wicked passion in his heart. He, thenceforward, kept a sinister eye on her, and endeavoured through the help of his sister, the king's wife, to violate her chastity. Draupadī complained of his unmannerly conduct towards herself to the king; but when he declined to interfere, she sought the assistance of Bhīma, and at his suggestion showed herself favourable to his advances. It was then agreed that they should meet at mid-night in the dancing hall of the palace. Pursuant to appointment Kīchaka went there and attempted to embrace Draupadī (as he fancied Bhīma to be owing to the darkness of night). But the wretch was at once seized and crushed to death by the powerful Bhīma.] -Comp. -जित् m. an epithet of Bhīma, the second Pāṇḍava prince.

Dictionary: Apte
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