kṣip क्षिप्

Definition: cl.6 P. kṣip/ati- A1. kṣipate- ( etc.; cl.4 P. kṣipyati-,only ; subjunctive kṣip/at-; perf. cikṣepa- etc.; Epic also cikṣipe-; future 2nd kṣepsyati- etc.; Epic also te-; infinitive mood kṣeptum-; confer, compare ), to throw, cast, send, despatch (Passive voice pr. p. kṣipyat-, ) etc. ; to move hastily (the arms or legs) ; to throw a glance (as the eye) ; to strike or hit (with a weapon) ; to put or place anything on or in (locative case), pour on, scatter, fix or attach to (locative case) etc. ; to direct (the thoughts) upon (locative case) ; to throw away, cast away, get rid of ; to lay (the blame) on (locative case) ; to utter abusive words, insult, revile, abuse etc. ; "to disdain" id est to excel, beat, outvie ; to strike down, ruin, destroy ; (A1."to destroy one another, go to ruin" Potential 3. plural kṣiperan- ) ; to pass or while away (the time or night, kālam-, kṣapām-) ; to lose (time, kālam-; confer, compare kālakṣepa-) ; to skip or pass over (a day, dinam-.) ; (in mathematics) to add : Causal P. kṣepayati-, to cause to cast or throw into (antar-) ; to throw into ; to cause to descend into (locative case) ; to pass or while away (the night, kṣapām-) ; (Aorist subjunctive 2. sg. cikṣipas-) to hurt, injure (confer, compare subjunctive kṣepayat- sub voce, i.e. the word in the Sanskrit order 2. kṣi-); ([ confer, compare Latin sipo,dissipo,forxipo.])