kṣepaḥ क्षेपः

Definition: क्षेपः [क्षिप्-घञ्] 1 Throwing, tossing, casting, moving about, movement (of limbs); कुन्दक्षेपानुगम Me.49; भ्रूक्षे- पमात्रानुमतप्रवेशाम् Ku.3.6. -2 A throw, cast. -3 Sending, dispatching. -4 Depression; striking down. -5 Transgressing. -6 Passing away (time); कालक्षेपः. -7 Delay, dilatoriness. -8 Insult, abuse; क्षेपं संप्राप्तवांस्तत्र Rām.12.49.56; क्षेपं करोति चेद्दण्ड्यः Y.2.24; किं क्षेपे. P.II.1.64. -9 Disrespect, contempt. -1 Pride, haughtiness. -11 A nosegay. -12 A stroke (of an oar &c.). -13 Laying on (as a paint &c.), besmearing. -14 (in arith.) Addendum. -15 The astronomical latitude; Golādh. -Comp. -दिनम् See क्षयतिथि. -पातः the point where the planets and the moon pass the ecliptic; Golādh.6.14,2. -वृत्तम् the course of the planets and of the moon; ibid. 5.13.

Dictionary: Apte
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