kṛ कृ

Definition: cl.3 P. parasmE-pada cakr/at- (Potential 2. sg. cakriyās-; Aorist 1. sg. akārṣam-[ ] or akāriṣam-[ ]) , to make mention of, praise, speak highly of (genitive case) : Intensive (1. sg. carkarmi-,1. plural carkirāma-,3. plural carkiran-; imperative 2. sg. carkṛt/āt-and carkṛdhi-; Aorist 3. sg. A1. c/arkṛṣe-) idem or 'mfn. (proper Passive voice p.) being done etc.' (see kār/u-, kīr/i-, kīrt/i-.)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: AV. vii , 7 , 1, RV. iv , 39 , 6, RV., AV., RV., AV.
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