kṛṣṭi कृष्टि

Definition: f. plural (once only sg. ) men, races of men (sometimes with the epithet m/ānuṣīs-[ ] or n/āhuṣīs-[ ] or mānav/īs-[ ]; see carṣaṇ/i-;originally the word may have meant cultivated ground, then an inhabited land, next its inhabitants, and lastly any race of men; indra- and agni- have the N. r/ājā-or p/atiḥ kṛṣṭīn/ām-;the term p/añca kṛṣṭ/ayas-,perhaps originally designating the five Aryan tribes of the yadu-s, turvaśa-s, druhyu-s, anu-s, and pūru-s, comprehends the whole human race, not only the Aryan tribes)