jyā ज्या

Definition: (see ji-) cl.9 P. jin/āti- (Potential nīy/āt-; parasmE-pada n/at-; perfect tense jijy/au-; future jyāsyati- ; ind.p. -jyāya-, ) Vedic or Veda to overpower, oppress, deprive any one (accusative) of property (accusative) etc. ; (derived fr. jy/āyas-,"senior") to become old : cl.4 A1. j/īyate- or Passive voice y/ate-, Vedic or Veda to be oppressed or treated badly, be deprived of property (or everything, sarva-jyān/im- ) etc.: Causal jyāpayati-, to call any one old : Desiderative (parasmE-pada j/ijyāsat-) to wish to overpower : Intensive jejīyate- ; see pari-- ; .

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Pa1n2. 6-1 , 16f., 42, RV., AV., Dha1tup. xxxi , 29, TS. vii, RV., Pa1n2. 3-1 , 21, Siddh. 46, RV. x , 152 , 5, Pa1n2. 6-1 , 16, Ka1s3.
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