jita जित

Definition: जित p. p. [जि-कर्मणि क्त] 1 Conquered, subdued, curbed, restrained, (as enemies, passions &c.). -2 Won, got, obtained (by conquest). -3 Surpassed, excelled. -4 Subject to, enslaved or influenced by; कामजित; स्त्रीजित &c. -तम् Victory. -Comp. -अक्षर a. reading well or readily. -अमित्र a. one who has conquered his foes, triumphant, victorious. -2 one who has subdued his passions. (-त्रः) Name of Viṣṇu. -अरि a. one who has conquered his enemies or passions. (-रिः) an epithet of Buddha. -आत्मन् a. self-subdued, void of passion; जितात्मनः प्रशान्तस्य Bg.6.7. -आहव a. victorious. -इन्द्रिय a. one who has conquered his passions or subdued the senses (रूप, रस, गन्ध, स्पर्श & शब्द); श्रुत्वा स्पृष्ट्वा$थ दृष्ट्वा च भुक्त्वा घ्रात्वा च यो नरः । न हृष्यति ग्लायति वा स विज्ञेयो चितेन्द्रियः Ms.2.98. -काशिः the fist doubled. -काशिन् a. appearing victorious, proud of victory, assuming the airs of a victor; जितकाशिनश्च खचराः Mb. 3.244.6; भीष्मः पुरुषमानी च जितकाशी तथैव च ibid. 5.177.12; चाणक्यो$पि जितकाशितया Mu.2; जितकाशी राजसेवकः ibid. -कोप, -क्रोध, -मन्यु a. imperturbable, not excitable. (-धः) an epithet of Viṣṇu. -नेमिः a staff made of the Aśvattha tree. -लोक a. 'one who has won heaven' (epithet of a class of manes). -शत्रु a. victorious. -शिश्नोदर a. One who has overcome lust and appetite. -श्रम a. inured to fatigue, hardy; कृतहस्तो जितश्रमः Mb. 7.16.24. -स्वर्ग n. one who has won heaven. -हस्त a. one who has exercised his hand.

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