jit जित्

Definition: lit. affix marked with the mute letter ज्; e. g. जस्, जसि, जुस्. the word जित् is not however found used in this sense; (2) a word supposed to be marked with the mute indicatory letter ज्.The word is used in this sense by the Varttikakara saying that such a word does not denote itself but its synonyms; cf. जित् पर्यायवचनस्यैव राजांद्यर्थम् P.I.1.68 Vart. 7. In the Sutra सभा राजामनुष्यपूर्वा P.II. 4. 23, the word राजन् is supposed to be जित् and hence it denotes इन्, ईश्वर etc.; but not the word राजन् itself; (3) In the Pratisakhya works जित् means the first two consonants of each class (वर्ग); e.g. क्, ख्,च्, छ्. etc. which are the same as खय् letters in Panini's terminology; cf. द्वौ द्वौ प्रथमौ जित्, V. Pr.I.50;III.13.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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