jarā जरा

Definition: जरा [जॄ-अङ् गुणः] (The word जरस् is optionally substituted for जरा before vowel terminations after acc. dual.) 1 Old age; कैकेयीशङ्कयेवाह पलितच्छद्मना जरा R.12. 2; तस्य धर्मरतेरासीद् वृद्धत्वं जरया (जरसा) विना 1.23. -2 Decrepitude, infirmity, general debility consequent on old age. -3 Praise. -4 Digestion. -5 Name of a female demon; see जरासन्ध below. -6 Invoking, greeting. -Comp. -अवस्था decrepitude. -आतुर a. 1 infirm. -2 old. -जीर्ण a. old through age, debilitated, infirm; Bh.3.17. -पुष्ट = -जरासन्ध. -भीरुः the god of love, Cupid. -सन्धः Name of a celebrated king and warrior, son of Bṛihadratha. [According to a legend, he was born divided in two halves which were put together by a Rākṣasī called Jara, whence the boy was called Jarāsandha. He became king of Magadha and Chedi after his father's death. When he heard that Krisna had slain his son-in-law Kaṁsa, he gathered a large army and besieged Mathurā eighteen times, but was as often repulsed. When Yudhiṣṭhira performed the great Rājasuya sacrifice, Krisna, Arjuna and Bhīma went to the capital of Jarāsandha disguised as Brāhmaṇas, chiefly with the object of slaying their enemy and liberating the kings imprisoned by him. He, however, refused to release the kings, whereupon Bhīma challenged him to a single combat. The challenge was accepted; a hard fight ensued, but Jarāsandha was at last overpowered and slain by Bhīma.] -सुतः Jarāsandha; जरासुतस्तावभिसृत्य माधवौ Bhāg.1.5.21.

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