japa जप

Definition: जप a. [जप्-कर्तरि अच्] Muttering, whispering. -पः 1 Muttering prayers, repeating prayers &c. in an under-tone. -2 Repeating passages of the Veda or names of deities &c.; Ms.3.74; Y.1.22. -3 A muttered prayer. -4 Counting silently the beads of a rosary &c. -Comp. -परायण a. engaged in muttering prayers. -माला a rosary of beads. -यज्ञः, -होमः muttering prayers as a sacrifice; विधियज्ञाज्जपयज्ञो विशिष्टो दशभिर्गुणैः Ms.2.85; Y.1.11; Ms.1.111.

Dictionary: Apte
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