jamadagni जमदग्नि

Definition: Is one of the somewhat mythical sages of the Rigveda, where he is frequently mentioned. In some passages his name occurs in such a way as to indicate that he is the author of the hymn; once he is thus associated with Viśvā- mitra. In other passages he is merely referred to, and the Jamadagnisare mentioned once. In the Atharvaveda, as well as the Yajurveda Samhitās and the Brāhmanas, he is quite a frequent figure. Here he appears as a friend of Viśvāmitra and a rival of Vasistha. He owed his prosperity to his catū- rātra, or ‘four-night’ ritual, with which his family were also very successful. In the Atharvaveda Jamadagni is connected with Atri and Kanva, as well as Asita and Vītahavya. He was Adhvaryu priest at the proposed sacrifice of Sunahśepa.

Dictionary: vedic_index
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