itaretarayoga इतरेतरयोग

Definition: mutual relationship with each other. Out of the four senses of the indeclinable च viz. समुच्चय, अन्वाचय, इतरेतरयोग and समाहार, the Dvandva compound is formed of words connected in the last two ways and not in the first two ways. The instances of द्वन्द्व in the sense of इतरेतरयोग are धवखदिरपलाशाः, प्लक्षन्यग्रोधौ etc; cf. Kāś.on P. II.2.29 cf. also प्लक्षश्च न्यग्रोधश्चेत्युक्ते गम्यत एतत्प्लक्षोपि न्यग्रोधसहायो न्यग्रोधोपि प्लक्षसहाय इति M.Bh. on II.2.29; cf. also इतरेतरयोगः स यदा उद्रिक्तावयवभेदो भवति Sīradeva Pari. 16.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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