ini इनि

Definition: kṛt affix इन् applied to the roots क्री with धि, जु with प्र, and the roots जि, दृ, क्षि and others, e. g. सोमविक्रयी, प्रजवी, जयी etc. cf. P.III 2.93 and III.2.156-157: (2) tad. affix इन् affixed to the word पाण्डुकम्बल in the sense of 'covered with' (cf. P, IV.2.11), in the sense of collection to the word खल e.g. खलिनी cf. P.IV.2.51, to the word अनुब्राह्मण in sense 'student of' e.g. अनुब्राह्मणी cf. P.IV.2.62, to the words कर्मन्द and कृशाश्च cf. P.IV.3.lll, to the word चूर्ण cf. P.IV.4.23 and to the word श्राद्ध cf. P.V.2.85 and साक्षात् cf. P. V. 2. 91 in specified senses and in the general sense of possession to words ending in अ, cf P. V.2.115-117 and to certain other words cf. P.V.2.128-37.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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