sthirakarman स्थिरकर्मन्

Definition: a. persevering in action; -kitta, a. steady-minded, steadfast, resolute; -ketas, a. id.; -gîvin, a. having a tenacious life; m. Name of a crow; -tâ, f. hardness; steadfastness, stability, permanence; constancy, firmness: -m upa½i, compose oneself; -tva, n. immovableness; stability, con stancy; (á)-dhanvan, a. having a strong bow (Rudra; RV.1); -dhî, a. steady-minded, steadfast; -pada, a. firmly rooted;-pra tigña, a. keeping one's promise; -pratiban dha, a. offering an obstinate resistance; -buddhi, a. steady-minded, steadfast, reso lute; m. Name of an Asura: -ka, m. Name of a Dânava; -mati, f. steady mind, steadfast ness; a.steadfast; -manas, a. id.; -yau vana, a. having perpetual youth; -varman, m. N.; -samskâra, a. thoroughly cultured: -tâ, f. perfect culture; -sthâyin, a. standing firm.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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