sthāna स्थान

Definition: n. C.: standing (also Br.); continuance, stay; storage (of goods); steadi- ness (of troops); continued existence; middle state (opp. gain or loss); being in or on (lc., --°ree;); state, condition (also U.; --°ree; a. being in a state of); perfect tranquillity (rare); station, position, rank (common mg.); V., C.: abode, dwelling, place, spot, locality, site (ord. mg.); C.: stead, place (lc. instead of, in place of, g., --°ree;); receptacle, of (g., --°ree;); right or suit able place; region, sphere of a god (earth, sky, heaven); stronghold (rare); place in which a sound is produced, organ of speech (gr.); pitch, key of the voice (high, loud, etc.); constituent of a kingdom (army, treasury, capital, territory); case, occurrence; occa sion, of or for (g., --°ree;); cause or object of (g., --°ree;; also said of persons); topic: --°ree; a. tak ing the place of, representing; replaced or represented by: lc. sthâne, instead of (g., --°ree;); in the right place, seasonably, justly; sthâne sthâne, in different places, here and there; ripusthâneshu vrit, occupy the position of an enemy; vînâ kyutâ sthânât, a lute out of tune; vilokana-sthâna-gata, occupying the place of eyes; mânyasthâna, object of regard.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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