stoma स्तोम

Definition: m. [√ 1. stu] (hymn of) praise, eulogium, panegyric (V.; very rare in P.); fundamental form of chant (seven being the usual number of them; rit.); mass, quan tity, multitude (C.): -tashta,pp. fashioned into (=being the theme of) praise (RV.); -bhâga, a. having the Stoma as one's share (Br.); m. pl. Name of certain (29) verses be longing to the Soma sacrifice, employed while laying the fifth layer of bricks (V.):â, f. Name of these bricks; -várdhana, a. (thriving on=) delighting in hymns of praise (RV.1); (stóma)-vâhas, a. (RV.) offering praise; receiving a hymn of praise; -vriddhi, f. en largement of the Stoma.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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