sukha सुख

Definition: a. having a good axle-hole, running easily (only of cars in RV.); com fortable, pleasant, mild (rare in V., very common in C.); C.: soothing, agreeable to (the ear etc., --°ree;), by reason of (--°ree;); easy to (lc. of vbl. n.); m. (sc. danda) kind of mili tary array (C.); n. ease, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment, happiness, joy (C.; rare in V.): (á)-m, in., °ree;--, happily, comfortably, agree ably, easily, without trouble (C.; rare in V.); -m, easy to (inf.); -m -na punah, more easily -than; kadalî-sukham, as easily as a Kadalî; mahatâ sukhena, with great enjoyment: -kara, a. (î) giving pleasure; easy to be done or performed, by (g.); -kârin, -krit, a. giv ing pleasure; -kârya, a. having pleasure as an object; -gamya, fp. easy to traverse; -grâhya, fp. easy to seize or catch; easy to comprehend; -ghâtya, fp. easy to kill; -kkhedya, fp. easy to destroy; -gâta,n. any thing pleasant; -tara, cpv. easier: -m, ad. more easily; -tva, n. pleasantness, enjoyable ness; -da, a. giving pleasure; -duhkha, n. du. pleasure and pain: -maya, a. (î) con sisting of or feeling joy or sorrow; -dhana,m. Name of a merchant; -para, a. intent on enjoyment, pleasure-seeking; -peya, fp. to be drunk easily; -prasna, m. enquiry as to welfare; -prasupta, pp. sleeping placidly; -prâpya, fp. easy to win or obtain (girl); -bandhana,a. (fettered by=) addicted to worldly pleasure; -bodha-rûpa, a. easily un derstood; -bhâgin, -bhâg, a. participating in fortune; lucky, happy; -bhedya, fp. easily broken; easy to separate, prone to faithless ness; -bhogya,fp. easy to enjoy or dispose of (wealth); -maya, a. (î) full of enjoyment; -m-edhas, a. prospering well.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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