saṃpriya संप्रिय

Definition: a. mutually dear, being on good terms with (in.; V.); n. satisfaction (E., rare); -prîti, f. joy, delight, in (lc., --°ree;); good will, friendship (with, for, in. ± saha), love for (g., lc.); -preshana, n.sending, de spatch (sts. pl.); dismission; -praishá, m. summons, direction to an officiating priest (V.); -plava, m. flowing together of waters, flood, deluge; swell, surge (of the sea); dense mass, multitude, shower; tumult (of battle, --°ree;); submersion, ruin; -phulla, pp. expanded, blooming; -pheta, m. altercation.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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