idam इदम्

Definition: ay/am-, iy/am-, id/am- (fr. id- ; gaRa sarvādi- ;a kind of neut. of the pronominal base 3. i-with am-[ confer, compare Latin is,ea,id,andidem];the regular forms are partly derived from the pronominal base a-;See grammar 224;the veda- exhibits various irregular formations exempli gratia, 'for example' fr. pronominal base a-,an inst. en/ā-, ay/ā-[used in general adverbially], and genitive case locative case dual number ay/os-,and perhaps also av/os-,in [ ];fr. the base ima-,a genitive case singular im/asya-,only ;the has in a few instances the irregular accentuation /asmai-, ; /asya-, ; /ābhis-, : the forms derived fr. a-are used enclitically if they take the place of the third personal pronoun, do not stand at the beginning of a verse or period, and have no peculiar stress laid upon them) , this, this here, referring to something near the speaker

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Un2. iv , 156, Pa1n2. 1-1 , 27, Vop., RV. vi , 67 , 11 ; vii , 67 , 4 ; x , 132 , 5, BRD., RV., RV., v , 39 , 5 , , iv , 15 , 5 , , vi , 25 , 2 ,
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