saptalokī सप्तलोकी

Definition: f. the seven continents, the whole earth; (á)-vadhri, a. bound with seven cords (the soul; P.); m. Name of a man rescued by the Asvins (V.); -varsha, a. seven years old; -vârshika, a. (î) id.;-vimsá, a. twenty-seventh; consisting of twenty-seven; -vimsat, f. twenty-seven; (á)-vimsati, f. twenty-seven (w. app., g., --°ree;); (á)-vidha, a. sevenfold, of seven kinds; -satî, f. seven hun dred; -sapta-ta, a. seventy-seventh; -sap tati, f. seventy-seven: vatsare sapta-sap tatau, in the seventy-seventh year; -sapti, a. having seven steeds; m. sun.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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