saṃtakṣaṇa संतक्षण

Definition: n. biting sarcasm: vâk- samtakshanais, by cutting speeches; -tata, pp. √ tan: -varshin, a. raining continuously; (sám)-tati, f. V., C.: continuity, continuance, duration; C.: causal connexion of things; continuous series or flow, quantity, multi tude; density of --dense (darkness, --°ree;); con tinuation of a family, offspring (ord. mg.); race, lineage; continued meditation (rare); -tan-i, a. prolonging (Br.): í, m. or f. sound, music (RV.); -tamasa, n. (general) darkness; -tárana, a. taking across (a danger; V.); n. (C.) crossing (also fig.); -targana, a. scold ing, threatening; n. threat, revilement; -tarp ana, a. refreshing, invigorating; n. means of strengthening.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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