saṃtāna संतान

Definition: m. C.: continuity, continu- ance; uninterrupted series, continuous flow; continuous train of thought (rare); lasting alliance (in which a daughter is given to one's ally; also -samdhi, m.); continuation of a family, offspring, progeny (also n.); V.: con nexion, transition (in recitation etc.); reti culated ligature, sinew: -ka, m. one of the five trees of paradise: -maya, a. (î) consist ing of the flowers of the Samtânaka tree; -tânam, abs. extending across; -tâpa, m. heat; pain, suffering, anguish, distress, at (lc.); remorse, repentance; penance (rare): -m kri, be distressed about (prati): -kârin, a. causing suffering; -tâpana, a. paining, afflicting;-tâpa-vat, a. afflicted with pain, sorrowful; -tâpa-hara, a. removing heat; -târa, m. crossing (water, g., --°ree;): -mûlaka, probably incorr.; -târya, fp. to be crossed (sea); to be got over (fig.).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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