i इ

Definition: the vowel इ, representing all its eighteen forms viz. short, long protracted, acute, grave, circumflex, pure and nasalised; e.g. इ in यस्येति च P.VI.4.128;(2) Uṅādi affix ई(3)tad-affix इच्(इ)applied to Bahuvrihi compounds in the sense of exchange of action or as seen in words like द्विदण्डि e.g. केशाकेशि, दण्डादण्डि, द्विमुसलि etc. cf. इच् कर्मव्यतिहारे P.V.4. 127,also V.4.128; (4) kṛt. affix कि (इ) cf. उपसर्गे घोः किः P.III.3.92; (5) augment इट् (इ); see इट् (6) conjugational affix इट् of the 1st pers. sing. Ātm.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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