hrasva ह्रस्व

Definition: ह्रस्व a. [ह्रस्-वन्] (compar. ह्रसीयस्; superl. ह्रसिष्ठ) 1 Short, small, little. -2 Dwarfish, low or short in stature. -3 Short (opp. to दीर्घ in prosody). -4 Minor, very young in age; जाता ह्रस्वा प्रजा प्रमीयते Mb.3.197.13. -5 Unimportant, insignificant. -स्वः 1 A dwarf. -2 A short vowel. -स्वम् Green or black sulphate of iron. -Comp. -अग्निः Calotropis Gigantea = wort (Arka). -अङ्ग a. dwarfish, short-bodied (-ङ्गः) a dwarf. -गर्भः the Kuśa grass. -गवेधुका Uraria Lagopodioides (Mar. लहान चिकणा). -जात्य a. of a small kind. -दर्भः, -कुशः the short or white Kuśa grass. -दा gum olibanum. -निर्वेशकः a small sword. -पर्णः Ficus Infectoria (Mar. लघुपिंपरी). -फलः the date tree. -बाहुक a. short-armed. -मूर्ति a. short in stature, dwarfish, pigmy. -मूलः the short red cane.

Dictionary: Apte
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