havirad हविरद्

Definition: a. eating the oblation (RV.); -ádya, n. tasting the oblation (V.); -ukkhishtá, (pp.) n. remnant of a sacrifice; -guna, m. quality of the sacrificial food; -d&asharp;, a. bringing oblations (RV.); -dâna, n. gift of an oblation; -dh&asharp;na, m. Name of the reputed composer of RV. X, 11--15; n. (receptacle of the offering), car for conveying the Soma plants to be pressed (gnly. two; V.); light shed for housing the Soma cars (V.); place of sacrifice (E.): î, f. Name of the mythical cow Surabhi or Kâmadhenu; -bhug, a. consuming the oblation; m. fire; god of fire: pl. the Manes of the Kshatriyas; -yagñá, m. offering of the oblation (a kind of sacrifice), simple sacrifice (Br., S.): -samsthâ, f. fundamental form of the Haviryagña; -váh, a. (nm. -vât) conveying the sacrifice (RV.1).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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