hastaka हस्तक

Definition: m. hand; supporting hand; handful of (--°ree;); spit (v. r. ika); -ga, a. (fallen into=) being in the hand, of (--°ree;); fig.=one's own, secured to one; -gata, pp. id.; -gâmin, a. id.; -grihîta, pp.tied by the hands; -grihya, gd. taking by the hand (V.); -gra ha, m. taking the hand; marriage; taking anything in hand; -grâbhá, a. grasping the hand of a girl, wedded (RV.1); -grâha, a. id.; m. husband: -ka, a. graspingone by the hand = obtrusive; -ghná, m. hand-guard (against the bowstring; RV.1); (hásta)- kyuti, f. swift movement of the hands (RV.1); -tala-gata, pp. lying in the palm of one's hand=being in one's power; -tulâ, f.hand as a balance: in. by using the hands instead of scales; -dîpa, m. hand-lantern; -dhâranâ, f. supporting with the hand; taking by the hand=marrying (a girl); -pâda, n. sg. hands and feet; -prada, a. giving a hand, support ing, helping; -prâpta, pp. fallen into=being in one's hand (=-ga); -prâpya, fp. to be reached with the hand (cluster); -bhrashta, pp. escaped from one's hand, run away; -le kha, m. hand-drawing; -lekhî-kri, draw, sketch; (hásta)-vat, a. having hands (V., C.); dexterous (C.); -vartin, m. Name of a prince; -samgñâ, f. sign with the hand; -sûtra, n. cord put on the wrist of a girl before her wedding; -stha, a. being in one's hand; -svastika,m. crossing of the hands; -hârya, fp. to be grasped with the hands, palpable, manifest.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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