hariścandra हरिश्चन्द्र

Definition: a. having a yellow or golden lustre (Soma, RV.1); m. Name of a king of the race of Ikshvâku; in E. a son of Trisa&ndot;ku, who having been elevated with his subjects to heaven and expelled thence owing to his pride, remained suspended in mid-air with his city (Saubha); (hári)-smasâru, a. having a tawny beard (RV.1); -smasru, a. id. (E.); -simha, m. Name of a king; -soma, m. N.; -svâmin, m. N.; -hadaukasa, m. N.; -haya, a. having tawny steeds, ep. of Indra; -hara, m. sg. Vishnu and Siva in one person; du. or °ree;--, Vishnu and Siva; Name of various men: -kathâ, f. discourse about Vishnu and Siva; -heti, f. Indra's weapon, rainbow; Vishnu's weapon, discus: -mat, a. adorned with a rainbow, -hûti, m. (called after the discus or kakra), the Kakravâka or ruddy goose (Anas casarca).

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