gulmaḥ गुल्मः

Definition: गुल्मः ल्मम् [गुड् मक् डस्य लः Tv.] 1 A clump or cluster of trees, a thicket, wood, bush; विशालगुल्मं प्ररुज- न्वनस्पतीन् Bhāg.8.2.2; Ms.1.48;7.192;12.58; Y.2.229. -2 A troop of soldiers; i. e. three सेनामुखs; cf. Mb.1.2.2; a division of an army, consisting of 45 foot, 27 horse, 9 chariots and 9 elephants (according to राजधर्मकाण्ड of कृत्यकल्पतरु of लक्ष्मीधर; cf. also दण्डविवेक, G. O. S.52, p.31). -3 A fort, entrenchment; मध्यमेन च गुल्मेन रक्षिभिः सा सुरक्षिता, Mb.3.15.11. -4 The spleen. -5 A chronic enlargement of the spleen. -6 A village police-station. -7 A wharf of stairs (Mar. घाट). -8 Disciplining an army, keeping it in a posture of defence. -9 War-camp; तथैव गुल्मे संप्रेक्ष्य शयानान्मध्यगौल्मिकान् Mb. 1.8.41. -1 A tent; Mb.6.86.54. -ल्मी 1 A cluster or clump of trees. -2 Jujube. -3 Small cardamoms. -4 A tent. -Comp. -कुष्ठम् a. kind of leprosy. -केतुः a small sort of cane, sorrel. -केश a. having bushy hair. -मूलम् fresh ginger. -वातः, -उदरः a disease of the spleen.

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