granthaḥ ग्रन्थः

Definition: ग्रन्थः [ग्रन्थ् संदर्भे भावे घञ्] 1 Binding, stringing together (fig. also). -2 A work, treatise, composition, literary production, book; ग्रन्थारम्भे, ग्रन्थकृत्, ग्रन्थसमाप्ति &c. -3 Wealth, property. -4 A verse consisting of 32 syllables, written in the Anuṣṭubh metre. -Comp. -कर्तृ, m. -कारः -कृत् m. a writer, an author; ग्रन्थारम्भे समुचितेष्टदे- वतां ग्रन्थकृत्परामृशति K. P.1. -कुटी, -कूटी 1 a library. -2 a studio. -विस्तरः, विस्तारः voluminousness, diffuse style; Bṛi S.1.2. -संधिः a section or chapter of a work; (for the several names by which sections, or chapters of works in Sanskṛit, are called, see under अध्याय).

Dictionary: Apte
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