granth ग्रन्थ्

Definition: or grath- cl.9 P. grathn/āti- (future parasmE-pada granthiṣyat- ; perf. 3. plural jagranthur-or grethur- ; ind.p. granthitvā-or grath-, ), to fasten, tie or string together, arrange, connect in a regular series ; to string words together, compose (a literary work) : cl.1 P. A1. grathati-, te- (varia lectio) ; P. granthati-, ; A1. granthate- (Aorist agranthiṣṭa-), to be strung together or composed (a literary work), on : Causal P. A1. granthayati-, te-, to string together ; ([ confer, compare ; Latin glut-en?])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Ka1t2h. xxv , 8, Pa1n2. 1-2 , 6, Siddh., 23, Ka1s3., TS. vi f., Ka1t2h. xxv , 8, Bhat2t2., Prab. vi , 5, Dha1tup., xxxiv , 31, Bha1radv., Pa1n2. 3-1 , 89, MBh. iv , 262
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