gocarman गोचर्मन्

Definition: n. a particular measure of surface (a place large enough for the range of 100 cows, one bull, and their calves ;or a place ten times as large ;a place 300 feet long by 10 broad ;or a place 30 daṇḍa-s long by 1 daṇḍa- and 7 hasta-s broad, [ ];it is also defined as an extent of land sufficient to support a man for a year ;originally probably a piece of land large enough to be encompassed by straps of leather from a cow's hide see )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Gr2ihya1s., Para1s3. xii, W., Br2ihasp., MBh. xiii , 3121 Sch., Vishn2. v , 181 ff., S3Br. i , 2 , 5 , 2, MBh. xiii , 3121, Hcat. i , 3 , 864 ff. ; ii , 1, Br2Na1rP. xxxiv , 43.
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