goṣṭhac गोष्ठच्

Definition: a tad.affix applied to words like गो and others in the sense of 'a place'; cf. गेष्ठजादयः स्थानादिषु पशुनाम। पशुनामादिभ्य उपसंख्यानम् | गवां स्थानं गोगोष्ठम्, अश्वगोष्ठम्: महिषीगोष्ठम् Kas.on P.v.2.29 It is very likely that words like गोष्ठ, दघ्न and others were treated as pratyayas by Panini and katyayana who followed Panini, because they were found always associated with a noun preceding them and never independently.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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