giri गिरि

Definition: Mountain ’ or * height,’ is a word that occurs repeatedly in the Rigveda. Thus reference is made to the trees on the hills, hence called ‘tree-haired’ (vrksa-keśāh), and to the streams proceeding from the hills to the sea (samudra,)? The term is frequently coupled with the adjectival parvata. The Rigveda mentions the waters from the hills, and the Athar­vaveda6 refers to the snowy mountains. Actual names of mountains, as Mūjavant, Trikakud, Himavant, are very rare. References to Krauñca, Mahāmeru, and Maināg-a, are confined to the Taittirīya Aranyaka, while Nāvaprabhramśana can no longer be considered a proper name.

Dictionary: vedic_index
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